Milano – Tito Capovilla

Tito is a videomaker and editor. He has worked with several international sports brands and events. Cycling world is his main working field, and yes he is a cyclist himself too. Today, Tito’s videos have been viewed all around the world, and he is working with some of the big names in the bicycle industry.

Alicia Marinelli
Philadelphia – Alicia Marinelli

Alicia is the Founder of Living Sport, a US-based company that is dedicated to providing educational sport business opportunities to students worldwide. She started working in fixedgear crits in 2017. She previously served as Marketing Director for the T-Town Velodrome in Pennsylvania and has held numerous management roles across the sports industry.

Vancouver – Kenji aka 21ninjas

Kenji is a Senior Mechanical Designer based in Vancouver, Canada and he is a proud Cinelli ambassador. He fell in love with track bikes in 2009, and over time has built up a strong cycling community of friends and followers across the globe. He supports everyone that excels in good design and creates positive cycling culture.

New York – Kenji Edmonds

Kenji is a video producer based in New York, USA. He is also the owner of Roley Poley Productions and an active member of the local fixed gear community. When he is not shooting or volunteering at fixed gear criteriums, he is training with his two children at Kissena Velodrome.    

Josh Gieni
Montreal – Josh Gieni

Josh is the co-founder of Velo iBike bike shop based in Montreal, Canada. He is also a professional cyclist and the team captain of iBike Team. Before opening a bike shop, Josh was a high school principal. He has worked and lived for many years in Japan and Australia before moving to Montreal.

Michele Colucci
Trieste – Michele Colucci

Michele is a copywriter and video maker based in Trieste, Italy. He is the founder of Dead Cyclists Society, through which he has documented numerous videos of fixed gear criteriums in Italy and abroad. He was also a crew member for crit races in New York, Barcelona and Milan.