What are the goals of FGV?

Promote fixed gear racing

Volunteer opportunities, will help people get familiar with fixed gear criteriums. They will share their unforgettable experience with others, convince friends to volunteer, increase awareness of the sport worldwide. It is almost certain that they will have such a great time that will come back and volunteer again.

Create job opportunities

Getting more people involved in the sport, will help the development of crit championships around the world. Races will become more attractive for sponsors, spectators, athletes, and organizers will be able to better improve their quality. This will increase the need for more staff and who would be better than volunteers who have already helped out.

Attract more sponsors to the sport

Adrenaline, athlete diversity and uniqueness of fixed gear criteriums are key elements that now relate with a much bigger audience. Crit racing is re-segmenting from a niche market to a mass one. Social media reach and market penetration are increasing exponentially. Thus, more companies not affiliated with the sport, can offer a unique selling proposition to their customers. This market transformation will bring more sponsors onboard.

Offer a unique experience

If you haven’t been to a fixed gear criterium yet, it surely needs to be the next thing on your bucket list. Families with children, couples, bike community, locals, all together cheering the riders that are speeding around the circuit with an average of 45km/h plus, isn’t something you can experience every day. Enjoy yourself all day watching the races, spend time at the festival area, wander around teams area and speak with the riders. Not convinced yet? Read some of the volunteers testimonials below.

How does it work?

Find a criterium next to you

Visit the race calendar page and find out about all the criteriums worldwide. Except of race details, in the future we will also provide info about each city, race venue, local tips and bike community.

Register to volunteer

Click VOLUNTEER on the main page in order to view the registration page. Choose the race of your interest, fill in the information needed and click the REGISTER button. When registration period of each race is over, we will provide more detailed info about your shift etc. Once we have your final availability confirmation, we will share your contacts with race organizers so they can touch base with you directly. No fees will apply, registration is FREE.

Give us your feedback

After the end of the crit, you will be sent a questionnaire regarding race organization and your suggestions. A similar one will be sent to race organizers regarding your performance. We will then share a recap of each report respectively without ever disclosing any personal information.

Data protection

Registration forms will ask for personal info, relevant to better fulfill your role as a volunteer, that will only be shared with race organizers. In no case your personal data will be shared or sold to third parties. If you don’t wish your data in our database, please contact us and we will immediately delete them.

Stay updated

Register to our newsletter and follow our local contacts.